Areas of Expertise

Media Relations

Using the news media for effective reputation management is an art that is appreciated by many, yet mastered by few. At Enentis, we have mastered this art and couched it in science. We design and implement results-oriented media relations and campaigns that  increase our clients' visibility, credibility, believability and reach at the right places for enhanced profitability.

Advocacy Campaigns

In today's over-crowded marketplace of ideas and interests, it is only clear, concise and persuasive messages that achieve desirable results. At Enentis we engage in persuasive communications where your message is not only received and understood, but also believed, accepted and acted upon.

Our public enlightenment and advocacy campaigns shape attitudes, perceptions and opinions that lead to desired behaviour change.

Stakeholder Management

Effective management of stakeholders has become an indispensable factor in today's equations for individual and corporate success. Stakeholders can make or mar your existence, profit and progress. You therefore need to understand their drivers, manage their expectations to earn and leverage their confidence and trust to stay afloat profitably.

Enentis has tried and tested hands that will help you manage stakeholders to gain their understanding and support.

Strategic Executive Positioning and Visibility

Today’s corporate space is cluttered with distractions. The need to increase CEO’s voice and visibility in a systemically differentiated way cannot be over emphasized. As an executive, you need to be seen, heard, believed and trusted by your stakeholders and audience to move them to the desired destination.

Systematic Reputation Measurement and Tracking

At Enentis, we believe that reputation management without measurement is akin to sailing on a high sea without a compass. As Seneca, the Roman philosopher, succinctly put it, 'If a man does not know to which port one is sailing to, then no wind is favourable'. You need to scientifically feel the pulse of your stakeholders as well as your reputation rating among your peers. Depending on self-assessment in the valley of complacency could be a suicide mission in today's ever changing and competitive world.

Litigation Communications

The court of public opinion is as important as the court of law. Unlike the court of law, everyone is a judge in the court of public opinion. We act as advocates for our clients outside the courtroom. With the support of our legal team and our client's, we manage the perception of stakeholders and customers outside the courtrooms to mitigate adverse effects of litigation on reputation.

High Definition Documentaries and Jingles

We produce high definition videos, documentaries and jingles to drive home your message in the most persuasive manner.


We design and deliver general and customised public relations and marketing communications courses and workshops to help executives and practitioners hone their skills for optimum performance and bottom line.